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Fascilication Courses

An effective facilitator builds consensus around a topic, uses prompting questions to steer a group toward a plan of action, and manages disparate participants who may not want to actively engage with one another. This hands-on workshop is designed to move you beyond fundamental facilitation skills and into the realm of higher-level meeting facilitation. You will gain exposure to the critical concepts and tools that foster effective facilitation for C-level executives and other audiences. You will also practice facilitation techniques, receive feedback...


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Diploma In Yoga

This Society is working toward spreading the Authentic Classical Yoga to world with the scientific approach in modern way, to have practical adaptability in today’s generation of a fast and advanced culture. We at UYLS have enduringly believed that a place like us can exist that is totally dedicated to Yogic lifestyle, personal growth and the upliftment of each and every individual through Yogic efforts. A place which emphasises on Yoga as a Way of Life, which can also work as therapy and thus helps to educate people about, living healthily and embodies all that is essential for one to know of its body from inside and maintain good health.

Bombay Art

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NTT ( Nursurey Teacher Traning Courses)

NTT is an undergraduate Educational course. This Diploma course deals with a good preschool curriculum and has the ability to significantly contribute to a child's proper growth. It plays the significant role of laying a foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It becomes very crucial that not only the preschool curriculum that is available but also the educators who would be a part of it understand the purpose of their profile. Generally, the duration of the course is one year but it fluctuates place to place. The minimum time to complete the course is also differentiating from institute to institute. The course may also be available on part time basis in some certain institutes.